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St. Louis Business Journal’s March 26-April 1, 2010 has a complete list of the Top 150 privately held companies in St. Louis and information on each one. You can go to to check it out.
This resource is great for putting a list of targeted prospects and the industries you’re wanting to focus on for 2010.


Are you interested in using technology to prospect better for new clients? Try using some of these tips below to increase your success.

1) Create Unique Google Email for yourself
2) Subscribe to Google Reader
3) Identify your top 10 potential clients and top 3 industries
4) RSS Feed to these clients and industries to keep update on them.
5) RSS Feed to business sites like St. Louis Business Journal, Fortune, Forbes, WSJ, CEOExpress, ect..
6) Join LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter and complete your profile.
7) Use LinkedIn’s Search for Companies and People that you’re looking to prospect, join some groups on LinkedIn as well that related to your industry.
8) Google and YouTube Search them
9) Friend them on Facebook and follow them on Twitter if you can.
10) Make Hootsuite or Tweetdeck as your dashboard to manage LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter. These sites can streamline all the status updates and information you send out.

If you do these things for a short period of time, you will start to gain valuable insight into the needs, challenges and interests of your target clients. You will then be in a better position to make a connection and serve them in the future.

If you have been using Twitter for a while you might be familiar with some of these sites below but if not I hope you find them useful. Also, for small business owners looking for ways to use Twitter to increase their sales, I added a special link for you as well. Make it a Great Day!


Special Link for small business owners:

I recently read an article in Motivated Magazine called “8 Keys to Becoming a Top Producer” by Tim Mulcahy.
He listed the following eight key factors that most influenced his career:
1. Belief
2. Commitment
3. Goal Setting & Visualization
4. Role-Modeling
5. Be Prepared Physically
6. Continual Learning
7. Lose Your Ego
8. Responsibility

If you haven’t read this magazine yet you can go to and buy it. I thought this was a very well written article with a lot of great content to help you reach your goals.