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I thought these were great tips to persevere from BJ Gallagher’s book ” The Best Way Out Is Always Though”.

Persist no matter what.
Endure discomfort.
Request help.
Steadfastly hold on to your beliefs and values.
Envision triumph.
Very consistently keep at it.
Embrace adversity as your teacher.
Refuse to give up.
Enjoy and celebrate every tiny bit of progress!


I was reading an article by Ralph Waldo Trine this week and picked up these following tips:

1. First, form your ideals. And then follow them continually, where ever they lead.
2. Always remember that the great and strong character is the one willing to sacrifice the present pleasure for the future good.
3. Life is not for the passing pleasure, but for the highest enlightenment one can attain, the noblest character one can grow and the greatest service one can offer to mankind.
4. Resist the temptation to take shortcuts because they will not lead to real and lasting pleasure.
5. Thoughts are forces and each one creates its own kind, whether we realize it or not.
6. Rather than spending your days complaining about what bothers you, focus on your ideals and that will bring you closer to them.
7. Learn to use the power of suggestion positively.
8. It’s not the conditions of our life that define us, but how we meet them.
9. In the realm of our own minds, we have absolute control.

1. Believe in Yourself
2. Make Integrity Your Watchword
3. Maintain a Positive Attitude
4. Realize Your Dreams
5. Go Ahead… Get Started
6. Listen When Opportunity Knocks
7. Never Give Up
8. You Become What You Think About
9. Be Prepared
10. Spread Sunshine to Others
11. Fail Forward

I got this list from a short video I watched today from “Simple Truths”.

I was recently reading an article in Inc. Magazine April 2010 edition and came across these tips by procurement executives.

1). Be Different. And then make sure you prove it to us — Coca-Cola
2). We can spot a fake from a mile away. (In other words, don’t oversell yourself) — UPS
3). Go above and beyond. You would be surprised at how few of your rivals even bother to try. — Intuit
4). Companies are buying your reputation, not just your products. — The Bama Companies
5). Do more research than you think you need to. — Valero Energy
6). Be as specific as possible when describing what you can do for us. — Northrop Grumman
7). Start locally think globally. — Dell