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I recently read a book by Don Hutson called “The Sale” and he had a list of 20 factors to better goal setting that I thought were useful.  Please see the list below:

1. Commit to a viable plan.

2. Consider governing values in setting your goals.

3. Visualization with personal authorship is essential.

4. Make goals definite and precise.

5. Make your goals attainable and personally credible.

6. Evidence intense desire.

7. Make some of your goals significant.

8. Never set a goal that violates the rights of others.

9. Review and revise.

10. Separate materialization from strategy in your goal setting process.

11. Categorize your goals.

12. Consider your time structure carefully.

13. Consider your personal track record.

14. Make your goals measurable and time sensitive.

15. Consider your personal comfort zones and willingness to leave them.

16. Use goals as your personal thermostat.

17. See your goals as attitude enhancers.

18. Vividly imagine your goal becoming a reality.

19. Put your goals in writing.

20. Graph and chart your goals.