“Progress is impossible without change, and those who cannot change their minds cannot change anything.” – George Bernard Shaw


As the leader of the business or sales organization, you know that “sales” are the life blood of your company.  All the responsibilities rest on your shoulders to set the vision and direction to drive revenue.  This consistent pressure might keep you up late at night because of the following thoughts keep running through your head:

  • What things should we be doing to find, develop or close more business in this economy?
  • I’m tired of my salespeople being “Free Consultants”.
  • How do I get better visibility and real-time information on my sales teams pipelines?
  • If only we could forecast sales opportunities better.
  • Why can’t we close deals faster?
  • Marketing and Sales are never on the same page.

For a better night sleep, you can turn to Microsoft Dynamics CRM and the Sandler Selling System to ease your mind.  Microsoft Dynamics CRM will bring more automation and synergy to your Marketing, Sales and Customer Service efforts.  The Sandler Selling System will provide your company with the right Sales Methodology, Training and Accountability your company needs to achieve repeatable sales success.

If you want to learn more, invest an hour with Gary Krist from Turnkey Technologies, Inc. and Ric Hoerz from Sandler Training at the Rubicon Institute, to watch and listen to their webinar called ““Increase Sales” Combine Sales Methodology with Automation” on October 3rd.  You will gain valuable insights to increase sales productivity throughout your organization.

For a high level estimate of your investment in Microsoft Dynamics CRM, please use our “FREE” Microsoft Dynamics CRM Quick Quote Tool”.  It will give you a great starting point for assessing your potential investment in a project like this.

By Michael Ramatowski at Turnkey Technologies, Inc. – Kentucky, Illinois, Missouri Microsoft Dynamics CRM & Microsoft Gold Certified Dynamics GP Partner