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“Great things are not done by impulse, but by a series of small things brought together.” – Vincent van Gogh

Good news for distributors and manufacturers, the Inventory Control module in Microsoft Dynamics GP2013 has been enhanced in a number of ways to give greater control over inventories and visibility. Microsoft has addressed numerous pain points faced by distributors and manufacturers when controlling inventory. Here are six of the most important enhancements that have been added to help companies manage inventory:

Inactivate Items-
• One of the most useful enhancements for inventory control is the ability to make items inactive. This prevents the sale and processing of the inactive item by either restricting the transaction or sending a warning. When looking up available items, the feature allows you to exclude inactive items, giving a real representation of items available to sell. Using this feature also allows you to maintain history on all of your items, including ones that are no longer in use.

Inactivate Sites-
• This allows distributors to prevent unused sites from being entered on any new transactions. The new feature allows the site to be made unusable without having to delete it, preserving the sites history for future reference. Existing transactions can still be posted to the site until the on-hand inventory is gone, allowing you to use the site right up until it’s ready to be deleted.

Inactivate Item-Site Relationships-
• This feature is handy when certain items are no longer stored at specific sites in the warehouse. By removing the possibility of entering the wrong item-site combination, you can ensure that all inventory items are stored in their proper places.

Reason Codes-
• Reason codes can now be created and entered onto a transaction to document inventory movement. A log is created that tracks the activity of inventory throughout the warehouse, uncovering trends and providing insights to tighten operations and increase efficiency.

Bin Transfer History-
• This is now simplified by adding a document number to Inventory Management that tracks the history of bin transfers for items. Order tracking is improved and a history of specific bin transfers can now be managed.

Assign suggested sales to an item-
• This feature allows the user to make relevant product recommendations based on the customer’s selection of a particular item. This enhances your sales team’s ability to identify numerous items to “upsell” to your clients.

With these new enhancements in Microsoft Dynamics GP 2013, distributors and manufacturers don’t have to struggle to keep up with the diverse demands of their business environment. Microsoft spends billions each year in research to improve their software and offer a complete package of tools to fully run businesses in various industries.

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By Brad Vorbeck and Michael Ramatowski at Turnkey Technologies, Inc.— Missouri, Illinois, and Kentucky Microsoft Gold Certified Dynamics GP and CRM Partner.



“The Art of progress is to preserve order amid change, and to preserve change amid order.” – Alfred North Whitehead


Microsoft Dynamics GP 2013 will be launching this December and I thought I put together my “Top Ten Favorite Feature List” for everyone to not only read but see a screen shot as well.  My inspiration came from watching David Letterman this week but I’m starting with Number 1 and going to Number 10.


#1 Ability to change customer address user defined field names

1 ability to change


#2 Attach Documents to Purchasing or Sales Transactions

2 attach


#3 Historical Journal Entry Inquiry

3 historical


#4 Consolidated Invoicing

4 consolidated


#5 Voiding a Credit Card Vendor’s Invoice Automatically when a Credit Card Payment is voided

5 voiding


#6 Inactivate items and Item/Site Assignments and Inventory Site

6 inactive


#7 Sort Order now Stored with Default View

7 sort


#8 Payroll Integration to Payables Voucher Description, Document # & Consolidation

8 payroll


#9 Inventory Reason Codes for Transactions

9 inventory


#10 Select a Printer at the time of Printing a report

10 select


These are just 10 out of 60 New Features in Microsoft Dynamics GP 2013. For additional details on Microsoft Dynamics GP 2013 click here.

I also invite you to download an upbeat and engaging new white paper, “25 Brilliant Ideas to Outsmart Your Competition with Microsoft Dynamics ERP”.  This report includes 25 examples from real companies – from non-profits to distributors and many in between.

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By Michael Ramatowski, at Turnkey Technologies, Inc. – Missouri, Illinois, and Kentucky Microsoft Gold Certified Dynamics GP and CRM Partner