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“Hanging Onto the American Dream” is a story of business leadership and leaving a legacy, which is based on Des Lee’s life experiences. The following “Ten Commandments of Effective Selling” is what Des Lee lived by each and every day. They are listed below:

1. Practice the highest standards of integrity with your company and your customers at all times.
2. Have a thorough knowledge of your products, their features, their strengths, their advantages, their uses and pricing.
3. Know your competition, their products, their strengths, their weaknesses, their market strategy, their pricing. Never underestimate them. Never discredit them.
4. Sell your company’s culture, its values, its philosophy, its policies and its successes.
5. Earn the right to increased sales through relentless determination, perseverance, hard work and continuous learning.
6. Be on time for all appointments. Keep all commitments.
7. Constantly cultivate new customers.
8. Make prompt follow-up on any complaints or problems. Stay involved.
9. Live out your selling philosophy in everything you do. Don’t limit it to customers alone.
10. Don’t oversell or pressure your customers. Play for the long haul.

I recently read an article by Carmine Gallo and he talked about Steve Jobs and his rules of success. I have listed below the seven rules just for my review:

1. Do what you love.
2. Put a dent in the universe.
3. Make Connections.
4. Say no to 1000 things.
5. Create insanely different experiences.
6. Master the message.
7. Sell dreams, not products.